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Traditional pools use chemicals to keep the water free from Algae and other impurities, at Bangkok Pools we strive to improve the quality of the pool including the upgrade from chlorine based to Salt Water and with our new generation of Swimming Pools and Water treatment improving pools to the quality of a pure mountain stream. No more allergies or eye infections, no chemical additives just the simple elegance of pure water and fun.

Our Products

Our swimming pool products promote fun, active and healthy lifestyles. Check out these wide range products that we offer for Spa and Pool.

Pool Maintenance

Bangkok pools offer swimming pool products & chemicals, including FREE chemical analysis of pool water & provide recommendations.

Pool Planning

Establishing your budget means you can get the right pool for right price. Investing in a swimming pool requires plenty of research & planning.

Bangkok Pools is backed by an experienced, professional group who value their strengths in technical installations and customer support.

Best known for our inflatable boats, Zodiac also makes some of Australia’s best known pool equipment brands such as Baracuda, Polaris, Clearwater & Driclad.

Swimming pool cleaners that will clean your pool’s surfaces without needing you to lift a finger. Our extensive range of vacuum systems, automatic pool cleaners and floor cleaning systems suit every pool and budget.

G2 Suction Pool Cleaner – Robust and efficient, the G2 is a great all-rounder that’s perfect for a variety of pools.

Pacer Suction Pool Cleaner – Available exclusively from new pool builders and renovation specialists, the Pacer is a reliable performer.

Saltwater chlorinators, driven by Clearwater technology allow you to use fewer chemicals in your swimming pool or spa and still enjoy clean, clear sparkling water.

How Pool Chlorine Generators Work – Find out how they make your pool water sparkling clean and clear.

Zodiac TRi Pool Chlorine Generator – The total water management solution that is fully upgradeable.

PQ pool & spa chemicals set the benchmark for pool chemicals in Australia. We have every product you need to maintain your pool and keep it simply sparkling all year round.

Swimming pool filters remove dirt and other matter in your pool water keeping the water clean and reduces the load on your pool sanitation system.

FINDING THE RIGHT POOL FILTERS – Learn about the different filter systems available, and how to choose which one is right for you.

TITAN SERIES FIBREGLASS SAND POOL FILTERS – The Titan Series Fibreglass Sand Pool Filters are suitable for all domestic pools.

TITAN SERIES THERMOPLASTIC SAND POOL FILTERS – Utilize the latest swimming pool filter technology.

Depending upon your lifestyle needs and budget there are a variety of pool types available.

Modular pools – Costig significantly less than inground pools, and can be moved from one house to another.

Fibreglass pools – They require little maintenance, and can be installed in as little as seven days.

Concrete pools – They can be installed on almost any site and can incorporate many features that can’t be used in other pool styles.

Vinyl-lined pools – They are generally less expensive than concrete pools, and are attractive and easy to maintain.
Vinyl-liners can last for 15 years or more, and can be renovated easily and simply.

Four types of swimming pool water test that should be done on a regular basis :

Testing Pool Alkalinity – Conduct a total pool alkalinity test every month, measured in ‘parts per million’ – keep your alkalinity levels between 80 – 120 PPM.

Testing Pool pH Levels – The pool pH scale runs from 0 (acidic) to 14 (basic), where 7 is considered neutral. The optimal pH range for a pool is 7.4-7.6.

Testing Pool Chlorine Levels – Chlorine is a sanitiser that controls the growth of bacteria and algae in swimming pool water.

Calcium Hardness Test – The calcium hardness test measures the calcium concentration in Swimming pool water.