swimming pool products

At Zodiac we live for the outdoors.

Our swimming pool products promote fun, active and healthy lifestyles.

Best known for our inflatable boats, Zodiac also makes some of Australia’s best known pool equipment brands such as Baracuda, Polaris, Clearwater & Driclad.

Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

Zodiac swimming pool cleaners clean your pool’s surfaces without needing you to lift a finger. Our extensive range of vacuum systems, automatic pool cleaners and floor cleaning systems suit every pool and budget.

Chlorine water generator

Chlorine Generators

Enjoy owning your own swimming pool without the hassle of daily care with Zodiac Chlorine Generators, including salt water pool chlorinators and Nature2 mineral purifiers for pools and spas.

Pool Filters bangkok

Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters remove dirt and other matter in your pool water keeping the water clean and reduces the load on your pool sanitation system.

swimming pool water pumps

Pool Pumps

Zodiac has a range of swimming pool pumps to suit small and large inground and above ground pools.

Swimming pool chemicals Bangkok

Pool Chemicals

Zodiac PQ swimming pool chemicals & spa chemicals set the benchmark for pool chemicals in Australia. We have every product you need to maintain your pool and keep it simply sparkling all year round.

pool water circulation

Water Features

Zodiac has a range of water features for swimming pools and spas which will add visual impact and increase the circulation of your pool water. You can design a custom water feature with Zodiac Pools to create the look you have always dreamed of.